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Hot Curry

11 March 2016

There are some performers who transcend their arena. They become representative of something bigger than just their own stage, or court, or track, or field. Tiger Woods was such a performer for as long as anyone has been. He was so good and dominate that he compelled casual fans to become diehards, and non-fans to tune in to see what he would do. Barry Sanders made the laughable Detroit Lions a contender in every game when I was growing up. All eyes were on Barry Bonds* while Baseball’s eyes were looking the other way. Michael Jordan made the Chicago Bulls the model of a dynasty. Everyone thought LeBron James would do what Michael has done, but LeBron has not at all dominated the way Michael did. When Michael was playing I loved the NBA. Stats, mid-season games, the random bottom-feeder games playing on TNT Tuesdays, All-Star Weekend; I watched everything. But then Michael aged, Magic quit, Kobe never passed, fundamentals were forgotten, Shaq was only good because he was bigger than Goliath, and the game got boring. The most noteworthy thing about the NBA for a decade and a half was listening to Charles Barkley’s slurred commenting.

Enter Stephen Curry. While LeBron has not accomplished what many people assumed he would, Stephen Curry has trounced all expectations. And once again, I love the NBA. Watching Curry dominate below the rim is more exciting to me than witnessing Michael dominate above it. Curry has compelled me to turn the channel back to the game. Sports Center recently tweeted Curry’s sharpshooting:

Trump may be doing this in politics. He is certainly a buffoon, but not merely one. If he is elected he will instantly become a consequential buffoon. Thus many have tuned back into the game to watch him (and others) defy or disappoint expectations.

So what has recently tuned you back in? What was exciting, then passé, then reignited a former interest you thought long gone?

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