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2016 Is A Push

19 February 2016

imagesFor whom are you voting? Or will you abstain? This may not be the best topic to help reconvene meeting in The Pub, considering we are in the eleventh hour before this state’s primary. But maybe the eleventh hour is just the time to ask the question, since many people don’t really decide on their candidate until the eleventh hour anyway.

Additionally, I have never believed that voting should be a private thing. After all, our votes are a declaration to the powers-that-be that we believe the person for whom we voted should be in authority over other people. That the people who got our votes should pass legislation that affects the lives of other people. So I do feel that we can, and should, know our neighbor’s vote(s).

I would also like to know who will get your vote because I am at a loss. In my opinion, the entire field of republicans is laughable. I take none of them seriously. They make me embarrassed to have called myself a republican in the past. I certainly will not call myself a republican now. As a Christian I am embarrassed of them, especially those that keep saying they are Christians when no fruit is readily apparent in their lives. And as one who teaches logic and ethics I am embarrassed by their politics. In fact, the more I read the Bible, the less republican I get. Pure, unadulterated capitalism is nowhere in the Bible. Neither is this unwritten, republican, natural law that assumes we should always seek the greatest amount of our own safety. In fact, the more I read it, the Bible pretty clearly espouses a degree of self-imposed socialism. The more I watch and listen in this election cycle, the less I respect any of the candidates and the more I, like David Brooks, will miss President Obama.

And while I am not a republican, I am not ready to say I am a democrat, either. As a Christian, and, again, as one who teaches philosophic logic, I can easily see that what progressives self-describe as progress is often anything but.

So, seriously, is abstinence an option?

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  1. Alonso permalink
    19 February 2016 4:53 pm

    …cautiously wading in to uncharted waters for me, this being my first blog post ever.

    I would love to explore with this group the differences, if any, between socialism that is “self imposed” versus “majority rule imposed” (my title) with the backing of the state’s monopoly on force. Of the many things that initially spring to mind is the implicit release valve that jettisons free riders and or non-complying actors from the self imposed flavor (e.g., Ananias & Sapphira, 1 Cor 5, Matt 18:17, etc.). So, an opt-in society constructed around “self imposed” socialists would never have any drag on the system. It would also be free of any possibility or desire of a particular group gaining a majority (either by >50% or coalitions of traded and/or negotiated mutual interests) with the objective of co-opting the system to advantage themselves at the expense of others who cannot muster the vote.

    When I look around I see no release valve…

    • 22 February 2016 2:02 pm

      My first question would be, why is a release valve needed? If socialism is self-imposed, wouldn’t that, in itself, relieve the pressure? Ananias and Saphirra were “jettisoned” for lying, not for opting-out of what the rest of them, particularly Barnabas, did joyfully.

      So where do you see the pressure building?

  2. Alonso permalink
    19 February 2016 4:54 pm

    sorry, that wasn’t a “post”, but a “Comment”

  3. Shoeshine permalink
    5 March 2016 6:01 pm

    My question: Are we asking too much of our candidates? Is what we perceive as a weak candidate pool any different from our past elections? I’ll admit that the leading republican is a buffoon.

    Two points:
    1) Due to social media, live video accessibility, and 24/7 “news” networks we now know the whispers, gaffs, and behind closed doors meetings. We get into places that previous electorates were closed off from. In 2016 we get a much different picture of each candidate than they did in 1992.
    2) If the current pool is crap where are the other leaders hiding? Who do you trust that is not running? Maybe Colin Powell, Condeledzza Rice, Jed Bartlet or Matt Santos? Why do they not run?

    Sorry, forgot to answer you abstinence question…

  4. 10 March 2016 5:46 pm

    We may be asking too much…I can’t remember the last time I felt like YES THIS ONE NEEDS TO LEAD US. Like Josh felt about Jed Bartlett (so impressed you mentioned him first). But I also don’t like to keep lowering the bar when it comes to presidential candidates.

    I think that the people we trust do not run because they are too smart, trustworthy, humble, discerning. Wanting the White House should disqualify you from it. A write-in campaign that elects someone who doesn’t want it will shake things up…Colin Powell or Mike Bloomberg. I would vote for either.

    They are hiding in their own good sense…

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